New Year, New Shelf – An Update on The WellPreserved Kitchen

We’ve been talking about adding a new shelving unit to our kitchen for years.  We even had the unit picked out; we just hadn’t committed to it.  That changed on the weekend; and our kitchen feels like an entirely new place!

New Year, New Shelf   An Update on The WellPreserved Kitchen kitchen great wall of preserves

The photo lacks scale; the metal shelf (it’s the new one) is almost 7 feet high (the table top is 8 x 3.5 feet).  To the right of the photo is the stove, counter, sink and fridge.  This makes a great ‘triangle’ to work from (and noticeably sped up the prep for our 8-course New Years meal).

We have 1 closet in our entire apartment.  I’ve been storing our dehydrator in that closet for years and our pressure canner was stored in a crawl space above the stove (I had to stand on the stove to get to it).  The Vitamix took up precious space on the 3-square-feet of cutting surface that makes up our counter.  It’s an absolute thrill to be able to access any of our equipment so easily.

The shelf is 82 x 18 x 48 and will hold up to 800 pounds.  It comes with 4 shelves but we added a fifth.  Because the first shelf is almost a foot off the ground, we’ve gained 6 surfaces to store things.  We bought it at Nella Cutlery (a kitchen supply store in the East end of Toronto).

This year promises to be our busiest in the kitchen and I’m so excited to work in this space – it feels like we have a brand new kitchen!

What’s one thing you would do to your kitchen to make it more usable?


  1. A Tall Zone.
    It’s that space on top of the cupboards where people tend to store things that they use once a year – I think it may be the term for the former home of your pressure canner.

    In my family, the shortest of us is six feet tall. All my life, that space has been used for storing daily-use things like cereal.

    Our apartment doesn’t have a Tall Zone. It has about 12 cubic feet of space that has been blocked off for no discernable reason (possibly poor construction?) and I would dearly love to be able to use it. I could put things like the slow cooker and the steamer up there, as well as serving dishes and supplies for making things like soap.

    I miss my Tall Zone! :-(

    • Syrens!

      Happy New Year!

      I never had a name for it – now I do, so thank you!

      We are fortunate to have a lot of tallzones in our apartment. Every single square inch of them is used (other than the ‘new’ shelf which is starting to accumulate things!).

      I came close to installing floating shelves near the ceiling just to gain more of it! :)

      I won’t under-appreciate my ‘tall zones’ again! :) J

  2. I love these units! I currently have three tall units: 1 for preserves, 1 that holds the mobile kitchen, and 1 that’s rigged with lights for growing salad greens in the winter and starting seeds in late winter/early spring. Directions and parts for the li9ghted unit are here:

  3. Love it! We actually have one like that in our bedroom closet and it’s quite the workhorse. We also have a bakers rack similar to it in the kitchen for which we also purchased an extra shelf. It’s the host of nearly every small kitchen appliance we own and does a great job storing hardy veggies like squash.

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