Thanks for the Help!

EDIT (Feb 27, 2013) This post was initially a request for help from our community.  As the voting is now complete, we’ve changed it to a note of thanks.

Thank you to all of you for your support, votes and shares as part of The Homies from The Kitchn.  We’ll know the final results tomorrow; regardless of outcome it’s been an amazing experience for us.  We feel very supported by our community and have met some new blogs who are inspiring and exciting for us!

Thank you all for your encouragement and help!  You really are the best!

Dana and Joel



  1. Done! Also: the links to your various social media outlets in the bottom of your newsletter don’t appear to be working.

  2. Stefanie Miller says:

    Congrats! I just saw you won on thekitchn for Best Abroad! I love to read your blog and am so happy you receive the recognition you deserve.

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