May Preserving Ideas

It’s amazing how quickly things turn from feeling like winter will never end to suddenly realize that we’re in the heart of Spring and summer is around the corner.

There’s still some limited preserving this month (though lots of options including winter hold-overs) as Spring starts with delicate leafy things – awesome for the table, a little slow to jar.  There will be lots of great local eating coming this month.

Here’s a partial list of what you can expect to preserve this month (along with some links to help):

Here are links that will work for May that also worked for April (i.e. we shared them – and more – last month):

There’s a lot morre foraging going on this month too – pickled cattails are high on my list of want-to-learns. May Preserving Ideas

Any other ideas that we’re missing out there?

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  1. Love it! My rhubarb is just about ready to eat. All those rhubarb recipes make me swoon. You may also want to try this garlic mustard greens soup, which is easily foraged right now:

  2. For those of us in warmer climates, if you grow grapes, right now is the perfect time to start pruning them and preserving the leaves for dolmas. I guess they can be pickled if you have a pressure canner, but we just blanched & froze them.

  3. Please read & post about asparagus on my weekend “tribute to asparagus.” A good pickled asparagus recipe would be lovely. I love asparagus. Rock on, asparagus!

  4. I found your post through Take Back Urban Homesteading on Facebook. I love the ideas. I never considered what I could preserve in the spring. I’ll share a link to your post on my Tumblr site where I bookmark posts to look at later.

  5. Autumn into winter sees the Hawthorn berries ripen and the crabapples too – so lots of jelly made. I usually mix the two as hawthorns are prolific but sometimes a bit bland while crabapples are a good tart addition. Pear and ginger preserves about then too.

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