Is Maldon Salt Worth the Price?

My Father and I have taken a few cooking course together at a local college and we’ve often heard the Chefs praise “Maldon Salt.” I’d heard the same from Chef friends and really hadn’t experienced it until about a year ago.

If you haven’t heard of Maldon Salt before, it’s a type of Sea Salt that is produced in the U.K. The manufacturers claim that it doesn’t leave a “bitter after taste that some salts leave; instead a freshness that enhances the flavour of all natural and fine foods.” I can vouch that it tastes like salt but I haven’t experienced a bitter after taste in any salt that I can recall.

If the virtues of Maldon Salt were limited to taste then the benefits would be tough to justify when compared to the cost (it can cost 2-3 times the amount of other sea salt).

The real magic of Maldon Salt is it’s texture.  The salt comes in flaky pieces.  Each piece is a different size and shape and adds legitimate texture when used to finish (i.e. used when serving) a dish.  Salad, fish and meat are enhanced with a subtle crunch that’s added with the salt.

Although I’m sure some people cook with it, I keep other salt on hand for that.  When used to finish dishes, maldon salt can last a long time and add a noticeable different that, in my mind, is worth the increased price.

Are you willing to pay extra for maldon salt?


  1. I have paid the price for Maldon salt for years!! Nothing better to finish a dish with and once you get used to it, it is hard not to have i.

  2. More than worth the money. A few flakes gives you that salty crunchy taste we all grave. The health benefits are by far the best bang for your buck. A few flakes satisfies our salt craving. White Sea salt lacks the same mineral content as white table salt. Himalayan pink salt also gives you that salty crunch with a few flakes!

  3. Lisbet diemer says:

    Have been using it for the past 30 years, buy it by the kilo…

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