Life’s the pits…

We`ve done gallons of cherries this year.  The amount of work is almost enough to lose your mind – and part of the reason why they taste so great come fall.

Our friend Margaret freezes cherries and makes wonderful pies with them.  She uses a paring knife to pit them – I give her mad respect for that.  I`m not so sure I`d have the patience (or skill).

We use a $4 cherry pitter and while some may consider it a cheat, I couldn`t live without it.  It`s still a pile of work but far easier.

Line the cherry up in the scoop (you don`t have to put the stem at the top or bottom but it does make for a prettier cherry) and depress the pin.  While it can be a bit messy, the seed comes out the bottom (often needed a hand to remove itself from the flesh of the fruit).

It`s all fairly straightforward – take a look at the photos below:

Lifes the pits...

Lifes the pits...


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