Life’s like a box of….Turkeys?

When we enter the local grocery store we are so often presented with the illusion of choice and plenty.  Garlic is a great illustration of this – there are at least 10 sub-types of garlic with up to 600 variations on those themes yet we are offered one or two.  Grocery stores often choose the food which grows easiest, cheapest, fastest, in biggest quantities or simply travels the best.

There are more than 600 types of tomatoes.  Watermelon has many different types as do peppers and, certainly hot peppers.  There are many different colors of carrots available and potatoes don’t stop merely at boiling or baking.

Livestock is also similar.  Our recent visit to Grassroots Organic farm (one of the hubs of the Kawartha Ecological Growers Community Shared Agriculture Program) was a reminder of this.  A small flock of different heritage breeds of Turkey roam the farm freely.

I loved how different each one was from the other.  They traveled in a small flock group; their attitudes alternated between a proud mob to a scared collective of individuals.

We took some time to take some portraits and thought you might enjoy the photos…

Lifes like a box of....Turkeys? November

Lifes like a box of....Turkeys? November


  1. Beautiful creatures really, but they look all the same!! Just kidding. Turkey Yumm!!

  2. I saw a great show on PBS or discovery channel, it said that birds evolved from dinosaurs…i think Turkeys are great looking ‘proof’ of this…they’re cute, in their own funny way.

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