Lessons Learned in 2012: Hosting Events

Dana and I hosted a preserve swap in 2011.  It was an amazing night – but it was one that came with its share of lessons.  The night went off without a hitch but it was a lot of work to try to figure out what we had to do.  We were thrilled with the results but not sure that we would do that again.

It was late in 2011 that we revisited the topic and did the logical thing for two people hesitant to throw another event: we committed to 12 in 12 months. And, with that, Home Ec was Born.

We didn’t really have a plan to make things any smoother but it quickly revealed itself with a surprising revelation: preparing 12 events is not nearly 12 times the work of 1.  Each night became incrementally easier as we found our rhythm and figured out which of us was accountable for what tasks.

To follow is a recap of all of our posters from 2012 (each is linked to the recap of the event, assuming we posted one – we missed a few):

Home Ec #1 – January – B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Snacks):

Lessons Learned in 2012: Hosting Events DecemberHome Ec #2 – February – Preserve Swap (1)

Lessons Learned in 2012: Hosting Events DecemberHome Ec #3 – March – Food on Sticks

Home Ec #4 – April – Finger Sandwiches

Home Ec #5 – May -Bring a Friend

Home Ec #6 – June -Pretty Dippy

Home Ec #7 – July – No Cook Food

Home Ec #8 – August -Summer Fruit

Home Ec #9 – September -Honey

Home Ec #10 – October -Trick or Treat

Home Ec # 11 – November -Preserve Swap (2)

Home Ec # 12 – December – Homemade Holiday Sweet and Cookie Swap

A giant thanks to The Avro (and Emily for so many amazing photos) , Margaret Mulligan (for so many amazing photographs) and to Dana (for so many amazing posters).

We’ll be starting the 2013 series in January – they are generally on the last Monday of the month; hope to see you there.  For those from further away, we’ve been discussing a way to virtually attend/ host your own as well – let us know if you’re interested!


  1. Yes, would love to virtually attend or host! Trying to find or make a food community together here in metro Detroit.

  2. Nancy Ruppert says:

    Dana and Joel,

    Fantastic job. Dana, your posters are so appealing and creative!
    Although I have yet to make it to an event, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and pictures! Perhaps in 2013 I will trek into the Big City to join you and the WP community! All the best for the NEW YEAR!

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