Lessons Learned in 2012: Fermenting

Looking back at the year that was, it’s clear to me that I’ve learned a lot about fermenting.  While much of that learning had to do with a wild obsession with hot peppers and hot sauces, there are recipes and articles written about fermenting in 2012 that weren’t restricted to my love of heat.

Fermenting is incredibly exciting to me.  It’s easy, doesn’t take much space, can be done quickly and is relatively foolproof.

We’ll be continuing our experiments with fermenting this year (and ensure we diversify our posts as well).  In the meantime, here’s a quick reference guide to the 28 articles we wrote this year related to fermenting.

Fundamentals/ Techniques

Recipes for Fermenting

Salt Cures (Close to ferments but arguably not)

Recipes for Cooking with Fermented Foods

Dehydrating Fermented Foods


  1. Awesome resource and guide to fermenting.

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