Labelling Mason Jars of Dried Goods (A Tip/ Trick)

A trick for labeling Mason jars with dried goods:

Labelling Mason Jars of Dried Goods (A Tip/ Trick) trick tip mason jars

I love how this looks and how easy it is to find what I’m looking for when looking at the tops of jars (something I do often on the shelf we store these on).  Cut a piece of the package off the product you are storing, place it between the jar seal and rim and you have an attractive label that’s easy to read and find!

Do you have a trick for labeling jars?


  1. Rodney R says:

    I do something similar but because my jars are on the shelves upright, the tops of the lids are hard to see. I use clear packing tape and put the labels on the side. A quick look into the pantry before going to market, I know what I’m running low on.

  2. Such a great idea! I’m definitely going to have to give this trick a try.

  3. Another idea for those who need to see the sides of the jars: Cut out the label, and hold it against the INSIDE of the jar, face-out. I use a chopstick. Now pour that whatever it is into the jar – it will hold the label tight against the glass, so you can see it. Ta-da: labeled, and with no tape to pull off later.

  4. susancyclist says:

    I’ve used the examples above. I also use a dry erase marker to write basic cooking directions on the side of the jar. For example: 1 c rice, 2 c water, 20 min.

  5. I just use a Sharpie to write on the side of the jar. I have jars stacked often and don’t want to pull them out to read the top. Plus is that the maker comes off easily with a scrubbie spongeor Magic Eraser when I’ve used the contents and cleaning the jar to reuse. And no sticky label to scrub off.

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