Joel’s first “Iron Chef” Battle

A few weeks ago we received an email from a friend looking for a favor that was completely outside our comfort zone – which is exactly why it was so appealing.

The request was simple; could Joel spare a few hours on a Saturday to ‘compete’ in an “Iron Chef’” style cooking challenge that was part of an event to help get kids interested in food and careers in the food industry.  The request came from our friend and local food hero, Joshna Maharaj.  Joel was to ‘compete’ against Tanya Botrill from The Bluntroll (she handmakes unbeleivable aprons that double as a portable knife case designed for chefs).

The event was nerve-wracking but a tonne of fun – and I kept all of my fingers!  How did the day go?  Check it out:


  1. Dat was great : -) A good example of “make your own fun,” a fave motto of mine.

  2. This is off topic. I am making your rhubarb cordial and wonder if it is recommended to use the 3 to 4 cups of sugar to the 41/2 cups of rhubarb to keep them safely preserved or can I safely use less sugar? Thank you!

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