Joel Speaking At Imaginate (Tomorrow Evening in Port Hope, Ontario)

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be speaking at an amazing event tomorrow evening.  It’s a benefit for the Green Wood Coalition; the evening will be combination of speeches, music and art.

Joel Speaking At Imaginate (Tomorrow Evening in Port Hope, Ontario) speeches

Check out the list of presenters:

  • Bridget Campion Bioethicist, University of St. Michael’s College
  • Charles Spearin Juno Award Winning Musician, Broken Social Scene
  • Christine Stewart Humanitarian, Former Federal Cabinet Minister
  • Joel MacCharles Food Blogger, Writer, Cook
  • Ralph Torrie Environmental Innovator, Sierra Club of Canada Foundation
  • Shari Beaver Indigenous Adventurer, Trent University

We decided to get involved the moment I read the following sentence in our invite:

The program, hosted by Christine Stewart, will be connected by stories of ‘people-level’ solutions to our shared challenges. We hope that it will inspire the audience to become involved positive change in their community, and that some would begin to channel some of their time and resources toward supporting Green Wood Coalition and similar causes.

I’m really excited to be part of the evening and have a new presentation ready to go!  I’ll be unveiling 3 ‘magical’ solutions to preserving food in minutes (or less)!

If you happen to be in Eastern Ontario and are looking for an amazing evening, here’s the details!  If you’re from elsewhere, we’ll share about the experience when we get back!


  1. How was it? Darn I’m just reading this now… I’ve moved to Port Hope so I would have loved to come out to see you and others speak… Looks like a great event

  2. Julien Winter says:


    I very much enjoyed your talk in Port Hope. I have been wanting to know more about preserving for a long time, because it is a critical skill for sustainable living in a cold climate. We need to stop eating beans in January that were grown in Guatamala, and flown to our superstore. Preserving means not only less energy consumed in food production, but greater interest in local gardening and agriculture.

    One thing that would be interesting to see is a table of preserving methods according to energy required in the process, e.g., energy in boiling, or making alcohol, or mining salt, or making a glass bottle. The “life-cycle assessment” of preserving; there is a challenge for you ;-}

    All the best,

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