It’s Tomato Sauce Preparation Day!

We’ve changed our format for canning tomatoes slightly this year – my parents, Dana and I have decided to split the work of canning all 8 bushels over two days.  While it was possible to do all 8 bushels in a long day for the four of us, this will allow a bit more of a relaxed pace and more family time together.

Therefore, today is officially prep day!

Its Tomato Sauce Preparation Day! What happens on preparation day?  Here’s what we’ve done today:

  • My folks got a jump n the work by making the first 2-2.5 bushels into sauce.  We arrived later in the day (on to jar and water bath it).
  • We cleaned the rest of the tomatoes (which have been spread out on a tarp in the garage for the last few days to help ripen further; this increases our yield).
  • All of our jars were washed.
  • Herbs are harvested and processed; as is the garlic.
  • All of the equipment has been tested, cleaned and is ready to go.

Its Tomato Sauce Preparation Day!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be up early cutting and processing tomatoes.  It’s gonna be a crazy day!  We’ll have some photos streaming out to the Facebook group as we make progress (you’ll find that here).  If you’re looking for more information on preserving tomatoes, check out our tomato canning archive which has everything you need to know (and more) on preserving tomatoes!


  1. That is some SERIOUS tomato business going on there! How many pounds is it roughly? I can’t wait to follow you on the rest of your tomato journey.

  2. Oh. Oh my. That is an insane amount of tomatoes–your pantry is going to be so impressive!

    • Laughing Eilenn;

      We share half of them with my parents who are also involved – we ran out of last years batch (the same amount) 2 weeks ago! We do go through a lot of them… :)


  3. Katherine says:

    What do you look for when buying bushels? Is it about price, size, colour?

    • Katherine,

      The buying is done by my Father – it’s one of those traditions combined with the fact that he buys them 4-6 days before we travel to his house to spread them on a tarp in the garage (that helps them ripen).

      Price, colour and ripeness would be the combination – but we generally go for the best we can find, regardless of price (the difference is usually small). It’s not unusual for him to visit 6 or more places to compare before buying…


  4. Looks like a FUN weekend! I have been doing my tomatoes in smaller batches the last few weeks. My favorite investment, is a steam juicer. I put my tomatoes in there, and juice them. Then, mix with onions garlic and herbs. It cuts down on the cooking time to make the sauce, AND I have some juice canned up, too. Have fun with your ‘maters! :)

    • Chris,

      I jsut learned of such a thing last year from Crackers Blog – really need to investigate them further and love the idea of steam juicing! :)


  5. Where does your father get the to tomatoes? farmers market? I don’t see plum/paste tomatoes at my farmers market ever. Do you ask for them?

    • Dana, he buys them at a small Italian Grocery store (they are not organic); there are many across Toronto. This time of year they sell bushels of tomatoes, beans, eggplant, peppers and more. This year we bought from Collangelo Brothers.

      Plum tomatoes are starting to appear in Toronto Markets – Ben and Jesse Sosnicki (who are at the Brickworks and Evergreen) sell tomatoes for sauce. Do ask though – many farmers will tak orders if they have them…. :) J

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