It’s Our Birthday: 4 Years of Consecutive Posting

On December 27th, 2008 our families left our house after the Christmas Holidays.  We had a quiet evening before collapsing into bed.  It had been a frantic few days full of great family time, great meals and lots of laughs.

I went to bed that evening, content and exhausted.  I had no idea that our life would change forever before I woke again.

Its Our Birthday: 4 Years of Consecutive Posting December

Dana woke up on the 28th and started the blog.  While we are very much ‘project people’, we rarely take on projects without severely over-analyzing them.  It was unusual to spontaneously start something like this.

Dana wrote the first post before I woke up.  It’s amazing to look back at it, only four years later.  We had no idea our lives would change so drastically – from what we eat, the amazing people we’d meet and that the project would dramatically alter both of our careers (Dana has dramatically altered her business away from most large food branding projects and I’m now a Vice President of Social Media in a large call center).

When Dana told me about the blog I made a silent promise to myself to write for the next 100 days.  When that date happened, I opted for another 100, followed by 300 and then 500 more.  Today is our 1,462nd consecutive day of posting (and the beginning of year 5).  Like the changes in our life, the posts have happened one small step at a time.

Four years ago I would have dreamed about our wall of preserves and told you that was for people who had more time on their hands.  If you mentioned homemade pasta I would have asked you where to buy it.  A life virtually without grocery stores would have seemed the thing of dreams or for people with a giant grocery budget.  Baking bread was for skilled people and I was almost apologetic about hunting.  Factory farming was largely unknown to me and I had forgotten about terms like GMOs and growth hormone – terms that I had encountered many years earlier in public debate on our food system.  Hunger was something I believed existed largely because of drought and food aid was unquestionably good.

Each of those beliefs have been challenged one day at a time.

We haven’t got it all figured out today.  There is so much more to learn.  But what we have learned is in small steps.  WellPreserved has forced us to continue to learn and I hope you’ve taken something from its pages along the way.

What’s coming in the future?  Nothing’s for certain, but here’s a few of the things we’ve been discussing:

  • Daily posting will likely stop sometime in 2013.  There will still be a regular interval (i.e. set number of days per week) but we’ve discussed slowing down the frequency to increase the quality.  I do want to get to 1,500 consecutive days first though!
  • Improved photography.  We’re going to do some remodeling here so we can take consistently better photographs year-round (i.e. when there’s less light).
  • While posts will remain free, some form of financial model will be added (such as an increase of items in our store, advertising or partnerships).  We’d like to spend more time bringing you better content and, in order to do that, it simply has to pay its way.
  • A possible redesign is in discussion as well.

We’re open to ideas and suggestions as well – would love to hear your input!  In the meantime, I’m off to find me some birthday cake…



  1. So grateful for the way you share your inspiring approach to life!! Thank you.

  2. Happy Happy, WP!

  3. Happy Birthday Joel and Dana!

  4. Happy birthday, WP! Your blog is a wonderful gift to yourselves and to others!

  5. Congratulations! An amazing achievement. We’re all the better for you.

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