It’s not too late…

It’s mid July and the cool of summer has been extending growing seasons.

Today’s post is a short reminder – our version of a public service announcement. 

90 Minutes of work today can bring you fresh flavor beyond compare come winter.  90 minutes can make the difference between a chemical-filled, poor tasting, imported, gellatenous composite version of jam or pure rendered berries.  Same with pickles.  Veggies.  Preserves.

The process is simple and very satisfying.  It rarely feels like a lot of work and the amount of effort seems insignificant when eating the fruits of your labour for months (pun intended) to come.

Its not too late...

Please ask questions, look at the archives, pick up the Joy of Cooking or another trusted source of preserving.  Inspire your friends, inspire each other.  You will never regret what you do now all through the winter – and remember that we have the jam draft coming in the fall so make a few extra jars!


  1. charissa says:

    I know I know–I should be making jam and pickles. Your pictures are very inspiring. Once I get off my recrreational pie-making kick, I’ll branch out to jams and pickles.

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