It’s Marmalade Season: How to Zest a Lemon (or an Orange or a Lime or any Citrus)

I searched “How to zest a lemon” earlier this week and almost fell out of my chair.  There were so many confounding ways to remove the outer (yellow) layer of skin from the bitter whites and all sorts of wild advice.  I found an article with a 10 step process, and another with 5 pages of articles on how to do the task.

In 2012 I shared that my favorite kitchen gadget was my zester.  It still is – but I’d never use it for marmalade as it’s just too fine.

Somethings are easier to show than to explain so, with tongue-somewhat-planted-in-cheek, here’s a 30 second video where I awkwardly demonstrate everything you need to know about zesting a lemon in one simple step:

What’s your favorite kitchen trick for keeping things simple?


  1. Nancy Ruppert says:

    Simplicity is beautiful….lol. Now, what is your favourite marmalade recipe?

    • Hi Nancy!

      I haven’t made a lot of it – we aren’t big consumers of marmalade (although I’m constantly shocked at how much I love it when I do eat it). Our friend Sarah B. Hood is mad about it and helps with a giant marmalade event every February that we’ve been meaning to go to. I know if I was looking for a marmalade recipe, I’d be turning to her! Here’s her site and more about that event:

  2. I made grapefruit lemon marmalade last weekend with this recipe: protracted, but good!

    • Great to see you on the weekend!

      You’re right, that is quite the process! But it does look awesome! We eat grapefruit so rarely but man I love it!


  3. Al Hunter says:

    Love zest, love marmalade, but I’ll only use organic fruit if I’m eating the skin.

  4. This actually made me giggle, and inspired my husband to start making a list of “How *not* to zest a lemon,” which includes things like rubber mallets and taking it out for drinks.

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