How To Roll Maki (Sushi)

Rolling Sushi is deceptively easy (as long as you’ve made proper sushi rice and are set up for it).  These aren’t exactly perfect but our taste buds forgave our eyes for any visual inconsistencies:

How To Roll Maki (Sushi) Sushi Rice November

The only tricky part of rolling sushi is working with the rice – it’s very sticky.  The two tricks to survival are easy: work clean and have a small bit of water on hand.

  1. I cover half a piece of nori with an even layer of rice.
  2. I spread the rice with a spoon that’s been dipped in water.
  3. Once its spread, place your fish on top and roll it up.  Start by rolling the rice end over the fish (I find it easiest to roll away from me).  In order to seal the roll, place a bead of water (you can use your finger) on the far side of the nori – as the wet nori touches the dry stuff, it will ‘glue’ in place.
  4. Roll the bamboo around the roll (i.e. pretend like it’s a second sheet of nori).  This allows you to apply gentle pressure (via squeezing) which will ensure the contents of your roll are evenly spread.
  5. Slice each roll into bit-sized pieces (it’s generally about 6 per roll), cleaning your knife frequently.

How To Roll Maki (Sushi) Sushi Rice November

That’s all there is to it!  We used line-caught halibut and arctic char – not exactly traditional but both were fabulous.


  1. As always you are an inspiration! I’ve got the rice, bamboo mat and nori in the cupboard where they’ve been languishing for months. I know that post-Thanksgiving we’re going to be craving light, nourishing meals. It’s time to break out the sushi supplies!

    Don’t know if you’ve given it a try yet but I’ve been playing with homemade tofu. Wander over and take a look!

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