Why Host a Food Event/ Pop-up

Tonight marks the third year we’ve been running HomeEc (in different formats) and the fourth year of hosting food events.  We’ve run more than 30 of them and I feel like there’s so much more to learn about running them.

For the last few days I’ve found myself reflecting on the last few years of events and rather than try to sound like an expert on how to run them (I’m not), I thought I’d offer 5 reasons why I enjoy organizing these.  If you’re thinking about trying to throw an event like this and aren’t sure why, maybe this will help motivate you (or help you decide it’s not for you):

  1. Make friends and meet neat people.
    This is by far the number one most compelling reason to get involved with hosting events like these.  If you don’t like meeting strangers, it’s going to be tough to motivate yourself to pull it off.  HomeEc has brought a lot of great people into our lives and is a driving reason on why we continue to do it.
  2. Help others out; in our case this means small businesses.
    It’s a lot of fun to work with others and work with businesses that support our community.  If you can get others involved your event will always be better than what you can do on your own.
  3. To have fun.
    Planning, organizing, marketing, sharing and attending the event have to be fun.  There’s far more to the event than the few hours it consumes – if you enjoy all that other ‘stuff’, you’re well on your way to enjoying the actual event.
  4. To help build other projects.
    I’d be lying to say that HomeEc was just for fun.  There’s a certain amount of self-service involved as the events bolster the blog and vice versa.  We also use it as a platform to try to help others build their projects and get involved.
  5. To see others have fun.
    This is actually my biggest motivator.  I really enjoy having the chance to see people having fun and meeting one another at our events.  It reminds me that the city isn’t as cold as the weather and there’s a certain magic to see strangers coming together over food and drink.

We can share some lessons learned on how to organize these things if anyone is interested but my main piece of advice will always be the same: know why you’re doing it and the rest is just the details.


  1. Thanks for an awesome night Joel! The food and hot sauces were both delicious. It gave us a chance to discover new hot sauces (which we are always in the look out for!). Btw- you seem to have gotten a lot more out of the food photography course. The pictures on your blog are beautiful! Are you using a portrait lens?

  2. I agree with your statement – Know why you are doing it and the rest are just details.

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