#HomeEc at the Avro – Who’s in?

We’ve figured out how to create; the event on Facebook – if you’re coming, we’d love to know about it by accepting our invite here (you don’t need to follow WellPreserved to accept the meeting).  It’s not required but will help us plan. 

We’re less than a week from our first food event of 2012 – #HomeEc at the Avro.

We’re using today to answer a few questions (we’re learning on the fly!)

Here’s some updates:

  1. The Avro is small so don’t worry about brining a lot.  Simple is great and enough samples for 15-20 is probably a very high amount.
  2. Bring  a container in case there’s left overs.
  3. I’m buying a vest at value village for my #HomeEc badge, Dana’s looking for a sash.  I hope we won’t be the only keeners and if you bring a homemade snack you’ll get a one-time-only badge too!
  4. There will be lots of interesting people – many who are on Twitter, blogs and other social media.  Bring a pen (or a smart phone) to stay in touch!

#HomeEc at the Avro   Whos in? January

The Avro is a small space; we will do our best to accommodate everyone but be early to guarantee space. #HomeEc at the Avro   Whos in? January

The full details on B.Y.O.B.S. can be found in last weeks post here.

Hope to see you there!


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