HomeEc 26 (Get Pickled) Recap

Thank you to all who came out to HomeEcNight last night!  We had an amazing time and hope that each of you did as well!

What is HomeEcNight?  It’s our monthly (and sometimes more frequent) pop-up.  Each event has a theme; last night we had a pickle theme.  Participants packed into Toronto’s HiLo bar and celebrated everything pickled!

HomeEc 26 (Get Pickled) Recap homeecnight

Some of the highlights:

  • Our sponsors from the Leslieville Farmers Market handed out market dollars, chatted about the market and even had a bunch of pickle trivia (I learned that ‘Peter Poivre’ was the real name of Peter Piper!)
  • Our friends from Thomas Lavers, Pyramid Ferments and Alchemy Pickle Company brought an amazing range of pickled things.  Sauerkraut, kimchi, hot sauce, kombucha, pickled turnips and pickled cauliflower (unfortunately Manning Canning was sick; but we’ll find room for her again in the future!).
  • Hi-Lo made amazing sandwiches for $5 (pork belly with our fermented slaw) and made cocktails with kombucha; there were also a plot of pickle backs (a shooter of booze followed by a shot of pickle brine)

My two biggest highlights were:

  1. The crowd of people who packed into the bar and were so willing to taste anything and everything.  The bar was jam-packed for a while (because we want to keep these events free it’s difficult to control numbers; we had more than 100 people show up over the course of the evening last night) and people were graceful, chatting with strangers and totally geeky for pickles (as am I)!  It was so great to hear so much excitement from people and we consistently heard from attendees that they had met other people and were having a blasé chatting about pickles!
  2. Watching friends who work so hard to get the word out about what they do have a chance to share their product with others.  It was just a riot to watch them share their passions and excitement for what they do!

The next event is April 30th; we’ll announce the theme soon!

HomeEc 26 (Get Pickled) Recap homeecnight

I even had a few quiet moments at the end of the night to take it all in and just chill at the bar once the madness was over!

A giant thanks to all who came – you really made our night and we hope you had a great time!


  1. It was so much fun! Once the crowd died down a little, the pickle makers were more than happy to share some of their techniques and recipes. Loved that! I’m totally inspired to experiment with some new pickle-related things. Thanks for organizing a great event!

  2. Really enjoyed it! Great pickles and some super nice people. Thanks.

  3. Still so sad that I had to miss this night. Insert extremely sad (and still somewhat sick face here. I vicariously followed the night via twitter.

  4. I see my friends Jay & Kat & Ken! Such a bummer my timing always works against me for these.

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