HomeEc #25: Craft Beer Salon

A Night for the Beer-Curious

After our hot sauce tasting drew more than 90 people

Do you like beer?  Want to learn more about it while sharing pints with friends?  This is going to be a fun night celebrating beer and offering you a chance to try something unique and meet a bunch of passionate beer lovers who want to share what they love about beer!

This is also our first sponsored HomeEc.  We asked our friends at Kensington Brewing Company if they’d consider sponsoring the event and they jumped at the opportunity.  They’ve been long-time supporters of WellPreserved and their sponsorship is making this night possible for us to put on.

HomeEc #25: Craft Beer Salon kensington brewing company HomeEc Craft Beer

This is an informal night (there isn’t any lectures or anything like that); we’re bringing along some friends that we thought you might be interested in chatting with.  There will be food, unique beer and a few cool things to try out.

Wed, Feb 26th
HomeEc #25: Craft Beer Salon
HiLo Toronto (753 Queen Street East – map)
Hashtag: #HomeEcNight
Admission: $0

  • Kensington Brewing Company who will bringing a one-of-a-kind cask of beer to try.  You can also talk to their brewer and team to learn about brewing beer.
  • David Ort (who wrote The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook) will be on-hand to chat about cooking and pairing beer and food.
  • Steve Riley (BetterBeer.com) is a cicerone (it’s like a sommelier of beer), beer judge and an expert on draft beer systems.  He’s got a cool trick to show you what bad beer tastes like!
  • We’ll be infusing honey with hops and working with the great folks at Hi-Lo to offer some good, cheap food that will match with the beer!
  • We’re in the final stages of confirming this guest – but if you’ve ever thought about home brewing, they’ll be the one to ask!

We’ll be working with HiLo to make a beer-inspired cocktail for the evening.  There will also be a raffle and some surprises along the way!

Although you don’t have to RSVP, it will help us significantly (we like to try to be organized!).  Please RSVP Here.


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