HomeEc #19: Summer Camp Inspired Gathering

Do you have memories of band camp?  Art camp?  Any other camp?  Are you yearning to release said memories and need an occasion to do so?  Your day of reckoning (or reminiscing) is almost at hand:

HomeEc #19: Summer Camp Inspired Gathering HomeEc

On Monday, July 29th we’re hosting a pop-up event inspired by summer camp.  We’ll be hosting the Toronto event at The Handlebar (Kensington Market) and our friends Rachel and Kate will be hosting at City Folks Farm Shop in Columbus, Ohio.  Both locations kick off around 8:00PM!

HomeEc is an excuse to gather the community, share a beverage (and all are welcome to bring food to share) and share conversation.  The nights are informal and fun gatherings.

Don’t be too worried about the theme – but if you’re looking for ideas and want to make something, here’s a few of my memories related to camp food:

  • trail mix
  • marshmallows
  • granola
  • S’mores
  • baked apples
  • baked potatoes (often done in the fire!)
  • Orange wedges

If you’re looking for more ideas or if you want to be reminded of the event, join the Facebook event page and we’ll share updates as the event comes closer.

We hope to see you there!  If you need to know anything about the evening, check out our archive of HomeEc events or ask a question in the comments!



  1. Spam and relish sandwiches at the dock in Huntsville after paddling from Camp Tawingo, 1960″s. Do they translate to 2013 Kensington Market?

    • Sounds great!

      Mary, we’re really lax on any type of formality – especially translation! HomeEc is really informal, casual, fun and welcoming. So, yes, I believe it would. :)

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