HomeEc #18: Picnic Potluck (June 24)

It’s almost time for another HomeEc!

Not sure what that means?  WellPreserved hosts a monthly gathering (usually a potluck) where a bunch of strangers gather together, share food and friendship.  Dana and I host the Toronto event (at The Handlebar in Kensington Market) and Kate and Rachel host their version in Columbus, Ohio.

The Columbus location has changed – Kate will be sharing the details this morning on her blog Kate, on the Way.

Each event has a different theme – this month’s theme is:

HomeEc #18: Picnic Potluck (June 24)

What the heck is picnic?  Show up with something to share that’s inspired by the idea of having a picnic.  We’re not too serious about rules and we have all levels of cooks so don’t be shy!

If you’ve never been to a HomeEc, we really hope you’ll come out.  There’s a friendly stable of regulars and several new people too.  We’ll be the best hosts we can be and make sure that you get to meet some fun people and interact with a community of fun people who love food.  If you’re really nervous about making something (and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches definitely count!) just show up to your first event and check it out.

The event is next Monday (June 24th) and starts at 8:00PM.


  1. That was a great picnic…such good company and everyone made great picnic food…my first stuffed radish – that was amazing…thanks to everyone who made and shared food – I was famished when I got there and pleasantly full when I left…cheers!

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