HomeEc #16 Theme Announced (and Recap of #15: Maple)

HomeEc #15 was bittersweet: bitter because it fell on the day that The Avro announced it was closing its doors forever and sweet because the theme was Maple.

The Avro have been amazing hosts to our Toronto version of HomeEc and have given us countless memories.  We’ll be sad to see them go and want to send them off in style – so we’ve moved the date of the next Home Ec to April 15th so we can send her off in style (the new date also applies to our partners in Columbus who will be hosting the event at The Rehab Tavern as always!).

To commemorate her passing, we changed our originally planned theme for the month:

HomeEc #16 Theme Announced (and Recap of #15: Maple)

This will be the last HomeEc at The Avro; starting in May (the 29th) we’ll be moving to their sister bar, The Handlebar in Kensington Market.

HomeEc is essentially a monthly potluck with a theme.  Neither location has a way to warm things up, cutlery or plates and we try to keep waste to a minimum (or eliminate it altogether) so you may want to bring a small plate or cutlery to sample (if you bring one for a lid you might just get to take some leftovers home!).  Show up with a dish, and meet some great people and conversation!

Here’s what Happened Last Time:

HomeEc Columbus

The Columbus crew (that’s a deliberate pun if there happens to be any Major League Soccer fans around these parts!) report that they had a great night.  It sounds like candied maple bacon was the hit of their night (funny because many in the Toronto event reported the same!).

I am really intrigued by the maple-plum shrub that they provided to the Rehab to make Bourbon cocktails; I would have been in line for one for sure.

I really wish we could teleport to Columbus for HomeEc.  It sounds like they’re developing a steady crowd of diehards who are concocting awesome dishes every month.  The conversation sounds just as engaged as the ones that happen here; we may have to plan a road trip sometime!

HomeEc Toronto

The Maple Syrup night was a busy affair. It was a little slow starting but the bar was filled by 9:00PM and the maple snacking was a shoulder-to-shoulder affair.  There was a lot of talking about the demise of the Avro as well as sharing of memories of the past events.  We also had a strong turnout from first-timers so conversation didn’t stick in the past.

There was a lot of bacon-inspired treats but several veggie-friendly options too!

Dana cooked our entry this time – she made two versions of bacon-maple Nanaimo bars (some with coconut and some without).  They were ridiculously good – and ridiculously filled with sugar.  We bounced around our house for a few days after the event.

HomeEc #16 Theme Announced (and Recap of #15: Maple)

Hope to see you on the 15th (either in Toronto in person or from afar in Columbus)!  Remember the new date – and let’s all send The Avro on her way with a smile…

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