HomeEc #13 (Jan 28, 2013) – Resolutions: Make ‘em or Break ‘em


New to Home Ec? The concept is simple: each month we issue a food-related challenge for you to create and share with others.  If you’re near Toronto you can attend our in-person meetup but all others can participate virtually by doing the challenge and sharing photos, blog posts, tweets or anything they want with us by Jan 31.  We’ll do a round-up of all items (including both groups) that are sent to us on the following Monday.  You can see the full details here (which includes a roundup of some of our past events).  For those who use hashtags, share with others using #WPHomeEc (and don’t worry about that if you don’t know what that means!)

We’re excited to announce the theme of our first HomeEc event for 2013: RESOLUTIONS.  This is a tongue-in-cheek theme with a lot of flexibility!

HomeEc #13 (Jan 28, 2013)   Resolutions: Make em or Break em

Your challenge is to create and share a dish that either:

  • Represents a resolution that you set (or thought about setting or might have set if you believed in resolutions even though you don’t but hey let’s have fun with it anyways)
  • Represents a resolution that you have already broken (or would have broken if you bothered to set resolutions but you can’t be bothered because you don’t believe in them or you know that you didn’t set because you would have broken it if you had set it in the first place).

It’s essentially a ‘naughty or nice’ challenge!

Here’s what you need to know:

For everyone

  • Make a dish to share (family counts of course) between now and January 28th.
  • You can find others who are participating by following the hastag #WPHomeEc or visiting the official event page on FaceBook (or use the comments here).  The event page will include some links to inspiration and offer a way to connect to others who are participating (in person or remotely).
  • Feel free to share posts of your photos on our Facebook page (here).
  • For a full explanation of Home Ec, the detailed instructions are with the roundup linked above (and again here)
  • We request that all posts shared for the roundup are from new articles (i.e. not legacy content).

For those in Toronto who want to come out

  •  We hope you’ll come and meet a great group of friendly people.  There are all levels of cooks here and it’s extremely friendly and non-competitive.  The event is at The Avro and is at 8:00PM on Monday, January 28th.  It’near Queen and the DVP (or Broadview).
  • We can’t bring booze to the bar die to liquor license laws (as this could be an obvious resolution breaker!)
  • We’re working on a designer cocktail with the Avro for the evening and will have a choice of pins (naughty OR nice) as your merit badge for the night!
  • Use the Hashtag #WPHomeEc when sharing!

For those who want to participate from afar

  • This is our first attempt at virtual participation – we really hope to get some people playing along from wherever you are.
  • If you’re a blogger, send Joel any links to articles by Jan 31 (midnight, EST) and he will include links in the roundup. His address: joel (a) elevenideas.ca
  • You don’t have to host a large event.  This can be as simple as sharing something with family or friends that match the theme.  If you are interested in created an official ‘HomeEc’ offshoot in your city, let me know; if there’s enough interest (i.e. 3 cities), I will start a support group.  If there’s less than 3 cities, we’ll keep a waiting list.  Email me (address above) and I’ll send details…

We hope to see you out – either in person or virtually!


  1. OMG so excited for the first virtual meetup!!!!!
    i’m not a blogger, but your biggest alberta fan….so will def be attending!
    cant wait to see what happens
    su :)

  2. I keep wishing the HomeEc and some major holiday would mesh (mixing a family visit with an event that evaded me). Now, I’ll see if I can get people together here in Ottawa! :)

  3. Joel! I think a pop-up event would be a wonderful, wonderful idea. I’m sure you know a few people in the food scene there, but having just moved from Ottawa I’d be happy to introduce you :)

    • I have a cousin out that way now – if we make it out there we should totally make something like that happen! :) Will let you know if we do; would be fun! :) j

  4. That’s an awesome idea, and I love the new header :) Great kickoff for the new year :)

    • Thanks so much Jackie! There’s a story that goes with it that we’ll share in a while; I know that’s an awful tease but I can’t wait to share!

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