Home Ec Happened…Now What?

Last night was Home Ec 13 – it was also the first time we had an event in Columbus as well as the ‘play-at-home’ version.  I’m sure some people are wondering what happens next so here’s how it will work every month:

Home Ec Happened...Now What?

  • If you’re brand new to Home Ec it’s a monthly challenge to cook something and share it with someone.  Each month has a theme or challenge that’s very interpretive.
  • For those playing-at-home, you can continue to cook the item in the challenge and share it until the end of the month.
  • If you add pics to Twitter or Instagram, place the hashtag #WPHomeEc to be included in the monthly round-up that will happen on the Monday after HomeEc (generally the first Monday of the month)
  • Feel free to add your photos to our home page if you’re on Facebook (we’ll include those in the roundup too)!
  • If you’re a blogger and wrote a post about your Home Ec adventure (virtually or by attending in Toronto or Columbus), send us an email (or comment) with a link to your post by the end of the month and we’ll include it in the roundup.
  • If you don’t want to be included in the roundup you can still shout out what you did in any of our formats – just let us know you’d rather not be part of the post!
  • The next HomeEc theme will be announced 2 weeks before the event (on the Monday) for you to prep.  Home Ec will generally be on the last Monday of the month (with possible exceptions including December since that’s a busy time of year).  It is open to anyone to participate and play along!

The above list is a recap of the essentials – the full details were shared back here if you need more details.

We hope you all had fun and look forward to sharing the recap next Monday!

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