Home Ec #6: Come and Join Us on June 25th at the Avro and Bring a Dip!

Home Ec is here again!

On June 26th, we’re hosting our monthly get together (tune in tomorrow morning for a recap of last month’s; if you’re too impatient to wait you can see all of the Home Ec posts here) at the Avro.  Every month has a theme and in June it’s going to be time to GET DIPPY!

Home Ec #6: Come and Join Us on June 25th at the Avro and Bring a Dip!

What’s the deal?  It’s easy – there’s a bunch of people who like to hang out, meet others, share food and stories and just generally have a good time.  It’s not competitive and it’s all about great people and great times.

We understand that meeting people can be intimidating; WellPreserved (and The Avro) are all about building community, meeting people with similar (or different interests) and seeing what happens from there.  There’s no cost to attend but those who bring a dip to share and something to stick in it will earn their Home Ec GET DIPPY badge (there’s a different one every month) and we tend to have a lot of fun.  If you can’t bring a dip, we hope you’ll come out anyways and meet everyone and work up the courage to participate next time!

You can go conventional or daring.  Here’s some ideas:

  • The nacho and sour cream dip we all had since we were kids
  • Hot sauce with something to dip in it
  • Gualcamole.  Who doesn’t love it?
  • Whipped cream could be a dip – honestly it can!
  • Ketchup is technically a dip.  Technically.

Well you get the idea – have some fun with it!

We’d love to meet you there – we’ll do our best to make sure everyone is welcome and gets to meet others (and the regulars will do the same).  We’ll also be collaborating with the Avro to make a one-of-a-kind cocktail to reflect the evening.

There’s no need to RSVP although it does help us in case of any changes that we need to let you know about.  The easiest way to do so is leave a comment on this post or RSVP on the Facebook Invite here.  We’d love it if you brought along friends or shared with others – the magic of these evenings is having a chance to meet, build and form community!

Will we see you there?


  1. Siobhan says:

    Hey what an awesome event! Feel like growing your readership? We can help you share your blog with fellow Torontonians who share your interest in food and drink. For more info or to get on board, email me skelly@offthegridto.com with “food and drink” in the subject line.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
    Siobhan Kelly

  2. Ooh that`s my birthday! I will think of a good dip.


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