Home Ec #5: Bring a Friend (May 28, Toronto)

 UPDATE (May 27): We’ve had to change the venue for this event as the awesome people at the Avro are replacing their air conditioning and didn’t want to roast us (we’ll be back next month).  The event is now just west at F’Coffee (641 Queen East) which is going to help us out by opening at night (they are licensed as well and super swell for helping us out).

It’s time to announce the theme for Home Ec #5 (it’s in 1.5 weeks)!   Drum roll please…

Home Ec #5: Bring a Friend (May 28, Toronto)

That’s right – on Monday, May 28th come on out to the Avro and bring a friend and you’ll get your Home Ec badge of the month!

Home Ec was designed around building a community of people interested in different aspects of food, friendship and getting together.  Since we’re about halfway through the yearly schedule, we’ve decided to have a thank-you night and just hang out without asking you to have to make anything.

We’ll be using the night to share some of the goodies out of our pantry (if you’re really feeling left out, you’re welcome to bring something simple to share but don’t feel obliged).  May 28th is all about just hanging out, meeting some new people and seeing where it goes from there.

We’ll be teaming up with The Avro (it’s in Leslieville, Toronto) to make another custom cocktail for the evening

Here’s a list of our previous Home Ec Events.

No RSVP is required though it does help us plan – you can do so  by adding a comment here or adding yourself to the FaceBook RSVP list.

Will we see you there?



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