Home Ec #3 (Recap): Food On Sticks

Monday night was our third Food on Sticks – it was a great night with lots to eat and some great people to share an evening with.

Our friend Margaret Mulligan went above and beyond twice – first by taking photos (she’s a professional photographer) and second by bringing crickets on a stick!  She had some that were plain, some dipped in chocolate and others that were on pretzels with caramel and chocolate.  Check out the post she wrote on the process – it was an epic journey and we’re so thankful for the work she put in!  They were an absolute hit.

There were a lot of sweets this time.  Here’s a partial list of the food people brought (the items I remember):

  • Stick S’mores
  • Beet Quicjles
  • Cake Pops
  • Watermelon and tomato salad
  • Pickled garlic and cheese
  • Chocolate nutty heaven with some form of soft caramel that was amazing
  • Cheese puffs (3 different types)
  • Dairy free triple chocolate brownies with candied ginger (I’m really enjoying dairy free baked goods that people make and may need to learn some more about them…)
  • Chocolate, peanut and bacon wrapped bananas

And there was more.  We hope you’ll come and meet some friendly people; the next event is April 30th.  We have the theme picked but we’ll announce it closer to the date (if you can’t wait, drop us a line in the comments and we’ll give you advanced warning!)

Here are Margaret’s great shots (make sure to check out her epic cricket post):

Home Ec #3 (Recap): Food On Sticks

Home Ec #3 (Recap): Food On Sticks


  1. ayngelina says:

    Lovely shots and I really did like the crickets!

  2. Nice pics! Those triple-chocolate brownies were utterly amazing. It was an inspired evening; thanks!

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