Home Ec #12: Homemade Holiday Sweets & Cookies Swap (Dec 10)

Home Ec is normally the last Monday of the month – but we figured that would be a pretty quiet night in December; instead of cancelling, we’ve moved it up a few weeks.

Are you prepping for one of many Holiday seasons?  Are you doing any baking?  Do you want to diversify your Holiday sweet buffet?  Here’s your chance:

Home Ec #12: Homemade Holiday Sweets & Cookies Swap (Dec 10) NovemberSimilar to the preserve swaps, this is a sweet swap.  We’re light on rules but here’s the basics:

  • All are welcome; it’s still a great way to meet people even if you have nothing to swap!
  • Participants are asked to show up with sweets to trade.  We recommend your portions contain around 6 individual servings (i.e. 6 cookies) each; but you can deviate as you wish.
  • We ask that you mark the ingredients of your treats so those with allergies can make an informed choice.
  • The bar opens at 7:00, and the event officially kicks off at 8:00.  We do a meet and greet (and check out each others preserves) for an hour until we announce the start of the swap (around 9:00).
  • A prerequisite waiver will be passed around (to acknowledge that you are swapping for homemade goods and not professional swag).
  • The swap is simple – find someone who has something you want and is willing to trade for something you’ve got.

Once again, we’ll have custom badges (pins) for attendees and be working with Emily to design a custom cocktail.

Note, this event is back in the East end at The Avro!

If you want to stay current or invite others, there’s also a Facebook invite up for the event here.

Hope to see you there!



  1. Hi! Would you say that sweet and salty nuts qualify as holiday sweets? I’d live to come to this swap!

    • Sharelle – I believe they would! We are firmly anti-rule – so if you can get someone to swap with you, it’s fair game. Essentially, it’s a free market. :) Hope you come out – I know I’d be tempted! :) J

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