Home Ec #11: Preserve Swap!

We are so excited to be announcing our third preserve swap!

What’s a swap?  It’s a gathering of people for two main purposes:

  • Swap preserves.
  • Meet other people and trade knowledge (for those who don’t have preserves this can be a great place to learn about it)

Home Ec #11: Preserve Swap! preserve swapping November

Before we talk a bit more about swapping; please note the change in venue!  We’re heading to Kensington Market and to Handlebar (the sister bar of the Avro where our other Home Ecs have been).  It’s at 159 Augusta Avenue (Dundas and Spadina).  It’s a larger venue and will let us stretch our legs – and our jars out.

In addition to the swap, there will be something special to celebrate related to WellPreserved and our community.

If you haven’t been to a swap and have nothing to swap, I’d still encourage you to come and see what it’s all about.  People are friendly, excited about preserving and it’s a great opportunity to learn/ share from each other.

If you are interested in swapping, here’s how it will work:

  • There’s a small waiver related to home canned goods (as opposed to professional product).  This is standard at most preserving (and food) swaps.  It simply acknowledges that you’re trading home goods and not those made in professional kitchens.
  • People will meet between 7:00PM and 8:00PM (the official start is 8:00) and put their food on display.  You can bring any type of preserve (we’ve had everything from bacon to dehydrated goods, jams, vinegars and more).  You can bring any size; it’s your currency to trade with others.
  • There’s a big mix and mingle hour where trades aren’t allowed but everyone has a chance to see what everyone else brought.
  • Some time after 9:00 we’ll announce the swap is on.  It’s generally a frenzy!

There’s no rule of sizes, or what to bring – it’s a free market preserve swap!

People arrive with varying amount of preserves – from a few jars to a few cases.  A swap can be a fun way to try a few new things or a serious way to add more variety to your pantry (which is why some people bring so much).  Some people will even make a batch of preserves just for the evening so they have something to trade back and forth with.

Here’s the recap of our first and second preserve swaps to give you a better idea.

We’d love for you to come out and to help us spread the word – please consider sharing this post with those who might enjoy; this is truly a case of the more the merrier (or, perhaps if there is a lot of jam, the berrier).


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