Help: San Diego Food Ideas?

I’m heading to San Diego in a few weeks.  It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been there.

And I love it!

Help: San Diego Food Ideas? San Diego

San Diego has an amazing craft beer scene, fantastic food community and is a great city.

But I haven’t been there in a few years.

I’m heading there for work but will have some time to explore (especially at night).  I’m looking for food, beer and beverage ideas.  Any help out here?

I’ll report back with my findings once I get back!


  1. I caught some of the show Brew Dogs this fall. Their first episode was in San Diego: Stone is a must, but they have other good suggestions. Watch the episode if you can. Have fun & safe travels!

  2. Susan in Las Vegas says:

    Linda Ziedrich just posted an “eating in San Diego” entry in her blog…

  3. Stop at Current in The Sophia Hotel during happy hour. They have a “popcorn of the moment” that is an inexpensive, yummy snack and the flavor is different every day.

  4. Hi Joel and Dana,
    The Farmers Market in Little Italy is really awesome. It’s on Saturdays from 8a – 2p.

    I actually sell my wine jellies there at the Gen 7 Gourmet Foods both. It would be really cool if you guys could stop by and say Hi because it was your website / blog that inspired me to create my products and go into the canned foods business :)

    Hope you have a great trip,

    • Hi Annemarie!

      I’d love to make it by but am taking a course during the day! I’m afraid I’m going to miss you but really humbled by your message and wish I could be there to say hi! :( Your market looks AMAZING though – more than 150 booths? Urg, wish I could see it!


  5. Hi! I have some great food ideas. I live in North Park and it’s the meca of craft brewing and trendy, tasty restaurants. I would highly suggest going to Tiger!Tiger! Tavern ( One of the owners used to be a brewer a Stone Brewing Company years ago and helped to develop a lot of their flagship brews. He brews under the label Automatic Brewing Company now. I believe it’s only served at Tiger!Tiger! Tavern and their sister restaurant, Blind Lady Ale House (, in Normal Heights. Tiger!Tiger! Tavern makes great sandwiches. They also make their own bread, sauerkraut, and lemonade. Blind Lady Ale House specializes in pizza. Will Farrell has been seen there a few times so you might be lucky and run into him. On another note, Hess Brewing Company is located in North Park along with Thorn Street Brewery. Thorn Street is pretty small and most of their customers are the people who live in the neighborhood so it’s very authentic to the San Diego lifestyle. South Park has the Station ( It used to be a trolley stop from South Park to downtown but it’s now a cool, outdoor burger joint. They only serve burgers, fries, and beer. For mexican, try Ponce’s in Kensington; fish tacos head to South Beach Bar and Grille (cash only). As someone mentioned above, the farmers market in Little Italy is great but for food you should check out UnderBelly ( It’s hipster ramen. Finally, on Tuesday nights check out all the foods trucks in South Park (in the IGA parking lot) and Normal Heights (on Adams Ave). The trucks change weekly and all of them have tasty food. The Calbi Food Truck has a kimchee quesadilla and they are usually at either locations.

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