Guerrilla Gardening

Imagine an independent army of citizens who hide in plain sight with a single mission: to add beauty to their towns and cities.

Guerrilla Gardening has been around for many years (it’s roots go back to the 1970′s) though it’s picked up steam with the progress of the Internet and the ability for people to mobilize with like-minded others.

The soldiers of this war arm themselves with typical gardening tools in addition to modern weapons of a city planter.  In order to avoid resistance of planting in places that one does not have permission, gardeners find innovative ways to secretly plant in public.  Seed bombs, seed balloons and seed pills are all used for random plots of flowers (see more about them here).

New gadgets appear to be on their way as well (I say “appear” as I can’t tell how much of these are real vs tongue in cheek): a device that automatically drops seeds from you shoes, a briefcase with a hole for planting through and the like.

The recent wave of this movement started in 2004 in the UK.  Richard Reynolds wrote a book and launched a website to inspire and gather the masses.  If nothing else, check out their Troop Digs – it’s a page of before and after shots from around the world of the results of this secret army.

I’ve been dreaming about Guerrilla Farming for some time – hiding food crops around the city and seeing what happens.  All things in good time…

I really do adore this project and the spirit behind it – the spirit carried out by people around the world trying to make it just a little better.


  1. We too love this idea. So far we’ve managed to plant a few ‘excess to our requirements’ pumpkin seedlings in a spare lot nearby. To then have random people stumble upon the produce is enough to make me want to go out right now and plant more things =).

  2. Eating in Public by Gaye Chan and Nandita Sharma is a loooovely guerrilla farm art project in Hawai’i:

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