Great Food Dips (on time to Inspire HomeEc at the Avro)

Tomorrow night is our 6th Home Ec event (you can see the history of the other events here or click here to see the details about tomorrow night).  Tomorrow’s event is called get dippy – it’s essentially a pot luck dinner of dips.

Great Food Dips (on time to Inspire HomeEc at the Avro)

In order to get inspired or if you need some last minute ideas, here’s some great recipes:

We hope to see you out – in the mean time, what would you add to this list?


  1. What an awesome event! Wish I was in your area code. How about beet hummus? Just substitute roasted beets for the chick peas in your basic recipe. The color will floor everyone in eye-shot, and the taste is divine.

  2. Mediterranean Dip

    This is something I discovered by staring at what was available and thinking, “I wonder what this would taste like if I …”

    The nice thing about this dip is that you can go into a place like the St. Lawrence Market, find the tables where they have all the antipasto set out, fill the plastic tubs with whatever you fancy and if it has no pits, you can put it all into a food processor, pulse it until it is mixed (like finely chopped), but not smooth. The perfect cracker to be used is a plain one – like a water biscuit, or a corn chip.

    Your choice whether you prefer it cold, but when it’s hot and the cheese has melted, it imparts a flavour that just isn’t there when served cold.

    Roasted red peppers, mixed pitted olives, roasted garlic, artichoke hearts, chunks of parmesan cheese or old/aged white cheddar, roasted eggplant, pickled hot peppers, stuffed hot peppers, chopped red onion.

  3. Oh my god I love this idea – and I LOVE the badges!! So wish I lived in Canada – have put Toronto friends onto this though! Where do you get the badges from? Would love a double dipping one! lol

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