Grassfed Bison Raised in Ontario

It`s a rather unusual approach to a post today – Essentially we are turning a users comments into a post.  Al (one of his food blogs is Torontovore) produced a small video on the essentials of raising grassfed Bison in Ontario (they are not finished with grain) along with Arlene and Aaron at the Mountain Lake Bison Range north of Toronto.

Al mentioned that he was not entirely happy with the results – I found them fascinating and thought this was something that was well worthy of sharing.

Bison look so proud and unified to me.  This sounds like a great project – I`d love to see them in the fields!


  1. Nice! This reminds me to ask why salt licks & vitamin/mineral supplements are needed in ruminant diets.

  2. What’s really exciting is being in the field with them. Last year Aaron rode his horse and together they moved the bison from one pasture to another. Bulls, cows, and babies all running past you to the new grass. These animals are really not domesticated and you can feel that when up close, eye to eye.

  3. Carrie, I’ll find out more about the need for salt and vitamin/mineral supplements for ruminants. My initial thoughts are related to the variable quality and variety of the grassses that they have access to. We use a refractometer to measure the sugar content (brix) of the grass that they eat. We’ve found that the results change over the season along with local weather. Supplementing helps even out the intake of minerals, etc.

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