Go Lounge: Board Games, Beer, Bites and Coffee in Toronto

An uncomfortably large part of my youth was spent in coffee shops in suburban Toronto.  For more than a decade I spent many hours in coffee shops where piles of friends would converge and huddle around any number of shared tables.  We were fairly well-behaved and had the permission of the owners to loiter as long as we did but we still spent uncountable hours hovering over dull tables designed for industrial use.

We would spend hours (and sometimes days) drinking coffee, chatting and occupying our time.  It was a simpler time – we didn’t have tablets, smart phones or even cellphones.  We would pass the time any way we could – including by playing board games.

I’m now 39 and my loitering days are mostly in the rear view mirror.  Or at least they were – I had the chance to visit GO Lounge today.  Go Lounge is a cafe/ bar/ place to grab a bite that engages people by offering many different board games.  You don’t have to play a game to visit, but it’s  easy to get pulled into a random game of scrabble (or Trivia, or Risk or Operation…)

It’s also the proud new business of a high school friend who I hadn’t seen in more than 15 years.

Go Lounge: Board Games, Beer, Bites and Coffee in Toronto Toronto Places Cafe

Go Lounge is fantastic.  It’s a reasonably sized room that is warmed up by high ceilings and an exposed brick wall (that the menu is scrawled on).

Go Lounge is licensed and offers a pleasant collection of Ontario Craft beer as well as some from the mainstream.  There’s a simple menu that’s made to order and a decent selection of liquor.

The largest selection is stored in floor-to-ceiling shelves on the back wall.  Many of the boardgames of my youth are flanked by newer offerings such as the Settlers of Catan, Railroad Tycoon and more.  There has to be hundreds of games!

We really had a lot of fun – just had to make sure we didn’t loiter like our past (this was easy with the selection of craft beer paving our way)!

Go Lounge appears to be a great place to lose a few hours without the distraction of cellphones and other digital urgencies that beg our attention.  The staff is friendly, food is fresh and the room resonates with the sounds of laughter and people at play.  In addition to their website you can also check out their Facebook page here.


  1. Board games (or tabletop games, anyway) are just about exactly what I want at the coffeeshop or beer garden. :) I’m going to have to keep this one in the back of my mind if I ever get to Toronto.

    • Ho Eileen!

      I know I’m biased but it’s a fantastic place to visit (this city) and Go is the type of off-the-beaten track place I love to find when I’m visiting another city. It’s a taste of what the city really is like. :)

  2. Dear Joel. Please fuzz out my butt crack. :p. Swl

  3. Just seeing this now Joel – it was great to see you guys. Let’s not wait another 15!

    • I agree Samantha! Hope to be out that way soon. As all y’all are living in the east end, if you’re ever around on the last Monday of the Month and looking for something to do, pop bye one of our Home Ec nights at the Avro… Otherwise we’ll see ya in the west. :) Joel

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