Fresh Coriander (Sprouts) Recipe Ideas

I was buying some greens at a local market a few weeks ago when the man at the other side of the table looked at me through the side of his eyes and whispered, “Hey! Do you like Coriander?”  He was clearly being playful as he mockingly proposed his question as if he were selling a high-value knock-off purse on the corner of any major city in the world.

I teasingly looked over both shoulders, checking to see if the coast was clear and nodded the ‘secret nod.’  His right hand thrust toward mine and he slid a bag into my open fist.  “Half off. Three dollars.”

I slipped him a few coins and coyly snuck his baggy in with the rest of my veggies.  I don’t think anyone saw our ‘secret’ transaction.

Fresh Coriander (Sprouts) Recipe Ideas February Coriander Cilantro

The leaves of fresh coriander are a milder version of the seeds (although a few seeds came along for the ride as well).  It’s a strong taste; sour and almost anise-like.  It’s profile lends a natural pairing to sweet or acidic combinations (or both).  We’ve eaten it as part of a salad, paired with fish and as a salad all on its own.

Beyond the taste, its absolutely beautiful.  Despite its bold flavor profile, it’s delicate build makes an awesome contrast.  I’m not sure I would have bought it on its own but I would line up for it now that I’ve tried it.

Fresh Coriander Recipe Ideas

Here’s a bunch of ways you can use it/ things you can pair it with:

What do/ would you use fresh coriander for?

Edit: Feb 15, A few people have asked on the blog and Facebook what the difference between coriander sprouts and cilantro is.  These are simply young cilantro sprouts that could also be called coriander sprouts (I’ve seen it referred to as both).  It’s very young cilantro that, like many sprouts, is milder than the mature leaves. 


  1. If those are coriander sprouts, what’s cilantro? And how do I not know the answer to this?

    • Andrea,

      I went back to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. And, yes, he is still calling it coriander sprouts. It is essentially very young cilantro – so calling it coriander sprouts differentiates it from cilantro. You can eat these as a salad (they aren’t as intense) but you probably wouldn’t so the same with cilantro (although I’m sure some do!).



      • I use cilantro in salads but coriander sprouts are good to know about. I could sprout my own. I haven’t unpacked my electric sprouter since I moved into my current place, but I could sprout the old fashioned way with a mason jar and cheesecloth, or my nut milk bag.

  2. Fresh Thai green curry paste!

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