Free Toronto Food Event: Monday, April 30

We’re just over 2 weeks away from the next Home Ec event!  It’s been a while since we’ve shared what Home Ec is all about, so here’s the blow-by-blow:

  • It’s a free event held in a small bar in the east end of Toronto (The Avro).  Because of liquor licenses, it is 19+
  • It is a non-competitive gathering of strangers who are interested in food.  The crowd is friendly and approachable.
  • Each event has a one-off badge (a pin) like Boy Scouts or Girl Guides.  The pin is generally associated to some form of challenge and a theme for that month.
  • We team up with The Avro to create a one-off cocktail that melds some form of preserving with their wicked knowledge of mixology.
  • It’s held the last Monday of the month from 8-10 (though some come early and even stay late!)

Here’s the theme for April:

Free Toronto Food Event: Monday, April 30

We’ve just found out via a friend (thanks Nat!) that it’s also the kind-of one-year anniversary of the Royal Wedding (Part 2) – it’s gotta be fate!

Be as literal or as inventive as you wish.  Arrive with small serving (there are generally less than 30 people there) of finger sammies.  Be inspired by high tea, the Queen or the last time everyone stood around in dark clothing sharing a few bites!  We’ll have a small form so each person can fill out the details of what’s in theirs so you’ll know what you’re biting into in advance.

We hope to see you there – although there is a core group of people who have become regulars, there’s always newcomers and, so far, everyone has been really friendly.  You can RSVP on Facebook (optional but it helps us plan).

Here’s the recaps from the last 3:

We hope to see you there!


  1. AND…maybe a nice early celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee? I think you should have either cucumber or earl grey tea inspired cocktails! And I’m working on sammie ideas….can I soak mine in champagne? Ooops, that would be gross… :)

  2. I laughed out loud when I saw the image of the Queen on this poster – Finger Sandwiches indeed! (before I read the post & got your connection). And is that an Avro interior as the background? Great work as usual!!

  3. Just a thought: could you folks please create a DIY badge at the top of the site so it’s always easy to visit (a) most recent and (b) other/past posts? For instance, I’d find it useful if I just wanted to checkk the date of the next one, or if I wanted to see whether you’d posted a report on the last one. Cheers, S.

  4. baconismagic says:

    The last one was fun, even though I caught the tail end. I’m sad I’m missing the next one! Please make May easy for me!

  5. April 30th is a special event for Joel & his entire family -his grandma will be celebrating her 90th birthday. One week ago today her heart stopped for 8 min & we were all made aware of the poor prognosis. Yestrday we were told by the medical experts that Mom’s recovery is short of a miracle!!!! Please toast to Jeanne d’Arc Landry-Joel’s grandma ,my mother & her extended family.

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