For those of you on Facebook… Can we ask for a moment of your input?

We`ve experimented, on and off, with our page on Facebook.  At the end of the day we`re dreadfully under-using it and we`ve been brainstorming on what we could do with out page without simply feeling like we`re spamming those following it and without creating another accidental project within a project.

What I really enjoy about using Facebook as an extension WellPreserved is the possibility of creating further connections between people and turning what is often a one-sided `conversation`here into something that could truly be a roundtable for people to interact with each other, share ideas, their own photos, thoughts and ideas.  We`ve had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of so many digital friends through the blog that I simply think that there would be some great conversations between many of you if the format was right.

On the flip side, I am also very aware of how we could turn into a hinderance on Facebook.  We update the site daily, tweet more than occasionally and I don`t want to fill people s twitter feed, RSS feed and Facebook page with 3 posts (4 if you are a friend in real life) with the same links to the same info.  It`s a fine line…

We`ve been experimenting with some tools that would allow us to selectively share tweets on the page.  That would mean we could choose things to post on twitter that would flow through to the FB page to start dialogue or just share info you may not see if you aren`t on Twitter.  We`d create some simple guidelines such as:

  • Links to the daily posts as a method for discussing them (of course comments on the blog work for that as well)
  • Tweets to food and preserving-specific links and articles of interest.  Share from 0-3 per day type of thing.
  • Occasional Facebook-specific content, previews or that type of thing.
  • Forums for your questions, post ideas and the like…
  • Areas for you to create and share your ideas, results or other fun.
  • General access to connect with us – and each other – more often.

I was hoping we might get a bit of help from some of you – share your ideas, feedback, things you`d like to see (or things you don`t want to see) or if you think it`s a poor idea altogether (I won`t be offended to take on the less work :)).  If you think there are others (even if there topic is completely different) who do this type of thing particularly well, what is it that you think they do well?

For those of you not on Facebook (or into this idea), we`ll return to regular scheduled programming tomorrow.


  1. We archaic folks at this address – Facebook but don’t twitter. So from this limited perspective – I do like the Facebook updates because I think more of my friends will have this news, which is informative and so much more enjoyable to read than just another story about the mess the world faces. I or anyone for that matter can always turn on and off posts if they seem a bother. So, if it is not too much more work, my vote is to give it a try and if it doesn’t work out the way the ginger garlic carrot soup I pressured canned this fall didn’t work out – there is the compost pile. Seemed like such a good idea at the time ;)

    • Johanna, that ust mae me laugh.

      We’ve all been there and some of my best experiements failed – at least I learned. :).

      To my surprise, we’re starting to get the FB site rolling int he morning. Had it built up as a large project in my head – you and others have made it clear that it’s not so we’re off to the races.

      And the soup really doesn’t sound bad… ;)

    • I think you’re on the right track. One of my pet peeves, however, is when Twitter posts are automatically sent to Facebook, but because of the program used to do this, don’t even offer a complete sentence.

      Definitely do include daily posts; that’s how I follow most blogs. Sites of interest are great, too. However, I doubt I personally would ever go to any Facebook discussion boards; if it’s not on my updates page, I won’t see it.

      Hope that helps!

  2. I love the Facebook idea..I really enjoy Food in Jars because it lets me read on Facebook a little bit of the blog and I can decide whether to continue to read or not and I also love all the comments and helpfulness of the other readers. Using facebook is a great tool and I think the more info you share the better!!!!!

    Thank You

    • Pam, we’re going to start using it more in the morning – I didn’t think of the preview option but it’s a great point and we’re gonna jump in… :)

  3. I really like HootSuite to manage updating multiple media like Twitter and Facebook (works for LinkedIn too, but I not sure that matters to you).

    I think your approach is right on – you don’t want to duplicate all your messages, but some duplication is fine. As the comment above suggests, different people will pay more attention to one social media tool over others.

    As much as I like twitter, I appreciate that Facebook’s image rich interface is much more engaging.In Twiter you share a link, on Facebook you can include an image or video on the page. And the power to showcase conversations is much easier to follow. It is a better tool to foster richer deeper relationships with your audience.

    I don’t have a non-big brand example to share, but I will dig around. I say stick with it, Facebook is surpassing Google, it is the place to be to interact and communicate with your audiences, even if it doesn’t feel that way to start.

    • Thanks Pilar – much appreciated. Have heard lots of HootSuite, tried it in the past and didn’t love it. Having said that, I registered again this evening and seems like things (and maybe me :)) have come some ways from when i saw it last.

      Love the idea of sharing videos and the like – especially your point about relationships. I’m really hopeful that we can create stronger connections with others – but also provide a format where like-minded people can creat their own connections and I think FB could provide such an opportunity. We have the unique perspective of knowing all of the messages that come through here and I really can see so many people who comment really enjoying a view to the same by way of communicating to others beyond us as well.

      What I had intended to start in a month will start tomorrow morning, in part due to your comment – thanks for taking the time. :)


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