Occasionally we’ll be posting up some downloadable stuff for your enjoyment, jar labels, how-to’s, recipes…that kind of thing. So check back here every so often to see what we’ve got. This is a new page, so like everything else around here it’ll change a bit and evolve as we figure out what we want to do with it and what kind of things you’d find valuable.

Templates for VAMPIRE BEGONE jar labels (the post the ‘unveiled’ them is here):


Print-Your-Own Label Templates

We hope you’ll keep reading but rest assured - there’s no fine print.  Here’s the link to each of the templates (the white uses the least ink).  These have been uploaded as .PDFs and you are welcome to share them:

Link to the Recipe

Other Posts About Pickled Garlic

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  • General thoughts on pickling garlic
  • We made pickled garlic for more than 600 people (they ate more than 15 pounds of it in 4 hours) for the Evergreen Brickworks Slow Food Picnic.  To see the series os posts (and what we served with it), check out this series of posts.

Other Jar Label Ideas

We run an annual contest called Pimp That Preserve - click the link to find a bunch of posts on decorating your preserves and other jars!

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The project is more than just Dana and Joel – there’s a thriving community of people willing to share their excitement around great food, tradition, people, places, recipes, connections and consciousness that comes from sitting around a table sharing food made with whole ingredients.  None of us make the perfect decisions all of the time but we’re interested in learning what we can and sharing our excitement with others.

About 10-20% of our conversation revolves around all forms of home preservation.

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