Articles and Editorial

There are 9 groups of articles here:

  • About Well Preserved (information and updates about the project, articles on blogging, contests and things we’ve done)
  • Design (collections of pretty things and some of the art/ design we’ve made over the years for the site)
  • Editorial (homesteading, slow food, sustainability, local food and other food articles)
  • Events (that we’ve hosted or attended)
  • Fish, Game and Hunting (articles on wild food sources including our journey with hunting as a food source)
  • Growing and Foraging (small section for now but it will ‘grow’)
  • Media and Entertainment (stuff you might enjoy checking out on a lazy Sunday)
  • Special Series (these articles appear in other places but this is the permanent home of some of our series such as my yearly hunting diaries)
  • Travelling (food stories not from Toronto as that’s our home)
 Section  Subsection
 About Well Preserved Blogging (Tips, Tricks, Perspective)
  Contests and Awards (We`ve Hosted)
  Contests and Awards (We`ve Received or Entered)
  Our Original Videos
Design Food Packaging 
  Our Original Designs
  Pretty Things
Editorial Food Politics
  Local and Seasonal Eating
  Our Cuisine
  Slow Food
  Technology and Its Uses
  Traditions and Memories
Events We`ve Attended or Helped Promote
  We`ve Hosted or Participated In
Fish, Game and Hunting Birds
  Hunting (General)
  Schaeffer the Vizsla
Growing and Foraging Foraging
Media and Entertainment Television Shows
  Web Video
Special Series 11 Days of Feastmas
  2009 Moose Hunt Diary
  2010 Moose Hunt Diary
  2011 Moose Hunt Diary
2012 Moose Hunt Diary
  Cheap Tuesday Gourmet
  Eigensinn Farm – Wild Leek and Maple Syrup Festival
  Home Ec
  Hot Pepper Lexicon
  How to Buy, Cook and Eat Lobster
  How To Make Your Own Jam (Detailed Case Study)
  Kitchen Lessons Learned in 2011
  Kitchen Projects
  Preserving for 1000 (2010 Fundraiser)
  Preserving for 1000 (2011 Fundraiser) 
Terroir 2012
Travelling (Not Toronto) New York
  Nova Scotia
  Other Places
  Prince Edward County (Ontario)

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