Finally…Canadian Content for food awareness

The Hellmann’s mayonnaise campaign of eating locally has raised a lot of eyebrows.  We have been researching it for the last few months and have a tough time determining our end verdict on the campaign.  More on that as it evolves.

Education costs money.  Well produced videos that grab peoples attention?  Even more money.  A 30-second video can run upwards of $100,000 and I have seen eLearning produced at a very swollen $750,000 per 45-minute lesson.  There are certainly cheaper ways to do so – either way they call for a significant budget and commitment of resources.

There is little content that is specific to Canada and few organizations championing local and sustainable that have the budget to produce something that will grab peoples attention. This has led to a lack of knowledge and, even more dangerous, a lot of misinformation (i.e. “oh well that’s what happens in America, it can’t be like that here.”)

Hellmann’s has launched a 3-minute video that is beautiful, interesting and challenges us to examine local.  It’s superbly animated, filled with Canadian content and a great intro for people to learn about what is happening in Canada.

A special thanks to an old friend from Vancouver (Elaine) who shared this on FaceBook.  Elaine, like Dana, is a fabulous graphic designer and had to share!  I am thankful she did, hope you are too.


  1. They have also been sponsoring ‘eat local’ contests in Canada. This year it is for grocery gift cards..

    In the spring if you lived in select larger centers you could enter to win a space in a community garden, which is definitely a more ‘local’ prize.

    At one point a year or so ago they also sponsored a freebie where you could order a free set of Hellman’s gardening gloves and seeds (They sent carrot seeds and I think sunflowers?).

    I am glad we are discussing this. Overall so far I see it a positive, and it deserves more attention.

    • It has been an interesting campaign. On the surface it’s very confusing to a lot of people – we are the second largest country in the world (geographically) and eating Nationally vs Locally is an issue a lot of people struggle with. If you believe National is local, it’s fair game. If you don’t, then it’s challenging to accept. We will run more on it as it evolves – the video is stunning and I cheer them for it!

  2. This is great- thanks for sharing and encouraging awareness.

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