Final thoughts on cooking Sous Vide at home

It was quite the adventure and I am thankful for the loan of the SousVide Supreme. When they lent their unit to us there were no conditions attached – we only post about things we genuinely like and this made the cut.  There is enough negativity in the world without us adding more to it here!

There were several lessons learned, some victories and challenges.  I’ve had some time to reflect on the experience and here’s what has stuck with me:

  • The machine was easy to use, accurate and allowed us to adjust temperature quickly.
  • It was the easiest cleaning kitchen appliance I’ve ever used.
  • Using a proper sealing system would have offered more options, control and reliability than what we had to work with us.
  • The precision of control is exciting – and knowing that you can come close to replicating a world-class recipe is a definite benefit of the technique.
  • As superficial as this is, it was darned cool to cook Sous Vide at home and share the results with friends.
  • The use of plastic in cooking offers some potential challenges – both sustainably and, possibly, for health.  I am not a scientist and do not know the facts well enough but a comment left by Diane mentioned the possible estrogen content that could come with this.  A dear friend of ours is a scientist and I remember her telling me of experiments involving control groups of snails – one group raised in a plastic bottle and another in glass.  The group in plastic had significantly higher estrogen content.  On the flip side I think of the amount of bottled water (and pop) I drank in my past and tend to think that it would be far more plastic than the amount I’d consume from SousVide cooking at home.
  • The texture, flavor and taste of food are definitely different than any I’ve had before.  It can be hit or miss depending on your taste.
  • The technique is very easy – I believe further experimentation with recipes would have found some we love.  The hard-cooked egg was definitely on the right track.  I’d love to take it further and try moose, ribs and a lot more vegetable dishes.
  • There are few cookbooks.  Do your research in advance – learning what is possible is far more work than cooking it.
  • I would like to try to eat more Sous Vide prepared by people with more experience than I have – though I think I could have learned plenty more without this luxury.
  • I would try to cook it again.

We`d love to hear about any other adventures out there – for now, this is the end of our Sous Vide adventures at home.


  1. Passover is coming soon and I need some vegetarian recipes! Help!

    • Seymore,

      Best source for vegetarian Sous Vide would be Under Pressure by Thomas Keller. It’s an expensive cookbook (almost $100) but most major bookstores would have a copy to flip through. Most veggie recipes are easy and cook quickly.



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