Extra Hot Peppers? Make Chili Salt

The process of pulling up our garden for the year created a potential problem; we had a glut of very hot peppers. Very hot.

Our “glut” consisted of 7 peppere. That may not sound intimidating but
The lot included 5 Devil’s Tongu and 2 Ghost Peppers. 2 of the top 10 hottest peppers in the world.

This is the easiest preserve you’ll ever make!
Extra Hot Peppers?  Make Chili Salt Pepper (Hot) October Hot Pepper

Instructions: chop peppers fine and toss with a bunch of salt. As much as you want. Store in a dark, cool location and shake it around a few times a day (this will distribute the liquids pulled from the peppers.

Serve as-is or by using a salt grinder (though you may permanently alter it’s flavor so choose your grinder with care).

It’s just that simple!


  1. seeds and all? so the peppers/juice eventually dry so firm they can go thru a salt grinder?
    you sure bout that?
    (love your site)

    • Hi Sharon!

      I do do seeds – however I also sometimes save them seperatley (for planting). It will dry like you dry them with a dehydrator – my slices are thin enough that they will go through a coarse grinder. I suppose it’s dependant on the size – if too large you could use whole or grind in a coffee grinder/ spice grinder. :)

      Thanks for the commen and nice words! Love getting comments! :) J

  2. Alexandre Reis says:

    I am thinking of making a hot pepper salt using dried hot pepper flakes, what ratio of salt to pepper would you suggest ?


    • Alexandre,

      While it will work, the dried flakes won’t change the taste of the salt much (as they have no moisture to pull into the salt) and the salt won’t alter the pepper much (as it’s dry and won’t absorb much flavor) – at least that’s what I’m guessing. But I’ve also learned it’s worth trying anything once…

      There’s no magic ratio – do a small batch and go from there. If I was using fresh peppers, I’d use 10-to-1 (salt-to-pepper) but seing as there likely won’t be a major change I think I’d reverse it and go 10 pepper to 1 salt but that’s just a suggestion. :) Joel

      • Alexandre Reis says:


        I still have some fresh pepper’s from this years crop so I think i will try both ways and see for myself what works best.
        I will send you an email with my findinds if you want 😉

        Best regards…

        Alexandre Reis

  3. Joel, have you figured out a good ratio of peppers to salt for this? I never, ever though thought of doing this but I love the idea and I’ve started a few different batches. I’d love an update from y’all!

  4. Alexandre Reis says:

    I used a small coffee grinder and filled it to 3/4 capacity with sea salt and mixed in 8 small dried whole peppers (about a small finger length) and the salt, although not stained by the peppers, was very good. I use it specially for grilling..

  5. How long will the peppers last this way?

  6. Sounds like an interesting idea. Think I’ll give it a try. How long did it take your 7 peppers to dry? Any idea about how much (measurement wise) you had when you started?

  7. LynnAnn Thomas says:

    My mass quantities of hot peppers (I must plant the “starts” that folks don’t buy at our garden center) are hanging to dry..I’m going to grind them (in gramma’s meat grinder) and do this..thanks!!!

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