Experimenting with Polenta: Using a Pie Plate

I’ve been working  on polenta for some time.  Here’s a few of the previous highlights:

My biggest problem with polenta is that I don’t plan well enough ahead so I there’s some lost time as I wait for it to cool before pan frying or baking it.

Today we tried a different solution to speed up the cooking process:

Experimenting with Polenta: Using a Pie Plate Polenta goodpic Cornmeal Cooking Recipes

We made polenta in a lightly greased pie plate.  Because of the large surface area, the loaf was able to cool very quickly – we popped it out of the plate within minutes of it going in.  This accelerated the cooling further.  The only disadvantage was the amount we made resulted in the pieces being  a little thicker than I wanted.  Had I let it cool a bit longer, I think I would have been able to cut the slices across their width but even then would be limited as the wider surface area makes the depth of your pieces difficult to control.

Experimenting with Polenta: Using a Pie Plate Polenta goodpic Cornmeal Cooking Recipes

I think my favourite form will continue to be a small bread loaf pan that I’ve been using for a while although this will be used when time is of an essence as its way quicker than any other technique I’ve used to cool it down before.

How do you form your polenta?


  1. Everytime I pan fry polenta I set off the smoke detector in my house. It is a good thing that my favorite way to eat polenta is soft and creamy with lots of cheese and butter and a touch of cream stirred in. Topped off with a mushroom ragout/stroganoff hybrid it makes for a very comfy veggie meal.

  2. Nora Martinez DeBenedetto says:

    I will often make a double batch of polenta. I serve it the first night loose, as a side to a juicy roast beef, maybe. Then I por the second half in a mold, and it will keep in the fridge for a few days until I’m ready for round two. I love polenta!

  3. I don’t, but then I really love polenta “loose”.

  4. charissa says:

    I like it loose as well, like mashed potatoes. Like Joanne, I put a mushroom stew on it. However, recently I poured a polenta mixture with a healthy helping of a Tex-Mex blend cheese in a 9 x 13 pan, let it cool, sliced it into “fingers” and popped the “fingers” into my sister’s deep fryer. To die for awesome. It was a heart attack on the plate, but so yummy.

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