Evergreen Brickworks Farmer`s Market

I woke up this morning and went up to the Evergreen Farmer`s Market at the Brickworks.  It`s an amazing indoor-outdoor space that is essentially converted industrial wastelands.

This is the same space that we preserved 1,000 tasting samples for the SlowFood Toronto picnic last year (that`s the last post in a 10-day series that showed what we were doing).  We`ve comitted to cooking again this year and I can`t wait to find out who are farmed will be and what ingredients we`ll get to work with.

There are all sorts of things to discover at the Brickworks – a farmer`s market on Saturday, art installations, nature trails, garden center, events, kitchen studio, and so much more.  It`s just a fantastic place to walk and get lost in.

Rather than just spewing about the market and this amazing place, I thought today should be a photo post.  If you have the chance to go, head early – it`s an amazing place that gets busy fast… Evergreen Brickworks Farmer`s Market

Evergreen Brickworks Farmer`s Market


  1. Jennifer says:

    I am impressed, this is beautiful. I wish our farmers market was like this.

  2. Considering this market is in the middle of nowhere and is difficult to reach on foot and impossible by TTC… the cost for parking is exorbitant.

    • Hi Vivien,

      I don`t work for the market or the project in any way but there is a free shuttlebus that leaves just north of the broadview station (http://ebw.evergreen.ca/visit/bus/shuttle-bus-schedule/) that makes it easier to get to. I beleive the pricing of parking is the city as its a green p and not the market itself – still makes the $6 tag expensive nonetheless. I have noticed a bit of a movement down there with people passing their paid tickets to the next person in line as well (not something to count on). The brickworks project has tried to discourage car users from the startas part of it`s enviromental vision (I rely on my car)…

      Not sure if any of that helps… :)

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