The Easiest Way to Label Preserves (10 second tip)

I am notorious for not labeling preserves.  With almost 700 jars it’s generally not a problem.  Generally.  You see, there was that time that we went camping and I found out that raspberry jam and raspberry jalapeno jam look almost identical.

Dana found a simple solution:

The Easiest Way to Label Preserves (10 second tip) preserves pimpmypreserves Pimp That Preserve labels

Sharpie poster-paint water based markers.  They work like a pen and was off with ease (slightly more work than washing a jar with no markings on it but less than one with a label that’s glued to it).



  1. Susan Williams says:

    Have you seen these?
    They’re WONDERFUL, and you can wipe off a jar and not lose your lable.
    (Not affiliated in any way – use them all the time.)

  2. sharpies on the lid. simple. easy.

    • That’s what we do too. It also means that I always know which are old lids, to be reused for storing dry goods. But I can see it being really useful for things not in mason jars or if you use the tattler lids.

  3. This is a great tip. I do the same thing, nothing is ever labeled. Off to locate these :)

  4. I use masking tape – cheap and fast when you’re in a hurry and the product is for family. Masking tape sticks to the lid or glass and is easy to peel off. I also use masking tape to label fridge leftovers. For gift giving prettier labels can be made.

  5. Thanks for sharing this one. I bought a marker yesterday and spent all day re-labelling all the jars in my pantry and some wine I just bottled. It looks much nicer than the labels I was using, and I can doodle all over the bottles!

  6. Katherine says:

    Regular sharpie comes off with a little rubbing alcohol, too

  7. I just use a regular Sharpie on the glass bottle itself. The ink comes off with a swipe of rubbing alcohol.

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