Don`t like hot sauce? Maybe it`s time to try a really hot one (seriously)

It`s something I hear often and am empathetic to; `I don`t like or can`t handle hot foods.` If this is the case, you may want to try something that seems very illogical – try a VERY hot sauce.

A Jalapeno pepper measures 2,500-10,000 scoville units. Tabasco Sauce weighs in between 2,500-5,000 (yes it can change from bottle to bottle).

Da`Bomb (from our fridge) measures 119,700:

Don`t like hot sauce?  Maybe it`s time to try a really hot one (seriously) WellPreservedLovesHotPeppers

Possible Side Effects weighs in around 283,000 (yes that`s 28 times the hottest jalapenos and the heat of more than 100 milder ones):

Don`t like hot sauce?  Maybe it`s time to try a really hot one (seriously) WellPreservedLovesHotPeppers

There`s a time and a place for all heat. Before I explain why these two sauces may be for someone who doesn`t like heat, let me ensure you that I am not into hot sauce to prove my manhood nor do I enjoy food-induced pain. I do like heat – but never at the expense of flavor. And there, my friend, is the rub…

If you want to add heat to a bowl of pasta and you are using a `typical` hot sauce (often consisting of hot peppers, vinegar, sugar and other flavors), you have to add so much that you alter the taste of what you are eating. Your whole plate begins to taste like hot sauce (not hot peppers) and this can lead to a general feeling of `ick` (that`s a technical term).

The two sauces above have been in my life for years (the exact bottles). I use them rarely and when I do I simply dip a fresh toothpick into them and stir it into your bowl (or the entire pot). Discretion is the better part of valour here – these sauces are not good ingredients for practical jokes.

This allows you to add a bite to your dish without sacrificing flavor.  Many of these sauces (including these two) have flavors that are unique and subtle hints to dishes that you just can’t get anywhere else.

If you want to go hotter, go moderately. 2 toothpicks per bowl is about as much as I`m willing to do with these and I love heat.

This series of hot pepper posts will beget new content daily for the next week. If you`re looking for all of the articles published so far, click this link. The entire series covers different types of peppers, different uses and some of the myths around spicy food. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Douglas Wiebe says:

    I too have Da Bomb hot sause and yes it is amazing to add to a pot of soup or chilli. But only a couple drops as yes it is quite worm. I love to watch my friends try it that think they can handle anything lol


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