Department Store Duck Fat and ideas on food labeling

Surely this post will turn some stomachs and it will excite others.  Let’s start by chewing the fat:

Department Store Duck Fat and ideas on food labeling November

I brought two small jars of this back from my recent trip to Scotland.

I adore going to grocery stores when I travel.  Prepared foods are always interesting as are any local specialties.  A trip to the pickle and jam aisles are a prerequisite and produce can reveal some wonderful discoveries.

I found the jar above at Marks & Spencer – a beloved mass retailer in the UK and some of North America.  It’s essentially a mini WallMart which occasionally has a major food section.  The store I visit in Glasgow features an entire supermarket worth of options (or lack thereof depending on your take on the great food debates!)

I was rather surprised by two things.  The first is that duck fat was a common ingredient (it was offered at 2 for 5 pounds; approx $10).  The second surprise was about the utility of the packaging – simple, pretty and functional.  I remember picking it up and thinking, `What would I do with a small jar of duck fat?`  Ask and ye shall receive – the package answered my silent query.

We recently posted an article on Buttercup Squash which was local and included instructions on cooking it simply (here).

What food (or ingredients) should have recipes or ideas plainly added to them?  I`m thinking clear ideas on the 17 different types of apples appearing in local super markets would be a start!  :)  Which ones are good for pie, which others for sauce and how about one just for eating?


  1. Verra nice!! Now I’m hungry! Can this be bought in Toronto?

  2. I’m not certain – though our Twitter feed let us know you could get duck fat at fiesta farms. I know there are several places you can get it – I think Healthy Butcher and other finer butcher shops may have it to though I’m going on very old memory :)

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