Dehydrating Mushrooms – Easier than Pie

Mushrooms are so rewarding when it comes to dehydrating.  Clean them, slice them (optional) and throw them in the warm box for 4-8 hours (around 135 degrees).

If I`m going to turn them into powder, I don`t mind keeping them whole.

If you look carefully below you`ll find Shaeffer helping out by inspecting the proceedings:

Dehydrating Mushrooms   Easier than Pie Preserving Recipes Mushroom

If I`m going to use them for something different (the texture of rehydrated mushrooms is almost meaty and awesome in burgers, added to mushroom soup, stuffing or sauces), I like to slice them in the size or shape I intend to use them in.  The flavor is concentrated so these taste like uber-mushrooms and I find myself snacking on them too often.

I also find the final result to be so darn pretty that I could stare at gnarly dried mushrooms for hours.

Dehydrating Mushrooms   Easier than Pie Preserving Recipes Mushroom

I can`t wait to rehydrate the portabelo slices and have them atop a sandwich or mushroom soup!


  1. Great idea..I wanted to try growing some of the mushroom kits this year…drying is great …


  2. Looks great and I have a ton of mushrooms in my fridge about to go bad. One question though, what is a warm box?? :)

  3. does this work as well for all types of mushrooms?

    • Tigress, we`ve done several and they have all been the same – judging by the amount of dried mushrooms I see out there commercially I wouldn`t hesitate to try it for any… Powdered shiatake are my fave…

  4. Looking forward to trying this! Question: how do you store them afterward? Ziplock at room temp in the pantry or fridge/freezer? Thanks.

    • Hey Julianne (love the name Kitchen Ninja),

      We live in Toronto and it can be morderately to highly humid. We store them in mason jars with lids on. Freezer would work as well but we don`t have the space. I have lemons that are almost 2-years old and have stored wonderfully. Any moisture (from not drying enough or from wet hands reaching in or severe humidity and open jars) will create mould and you`ll lose your batch. We`ve never had a problem with the jars.

  5. Well, I don’t have a dehydrator so I just stuck them in the oven at 170 for about 6 hours (made the house smell wonderful BTW). It worked well and now they are sitting pretty in a big jar! Thanks for the idea. Can’t wait to use them.

  6. I got some mushrooms on sale last week, and I am doing up a batch of these in my oven today. It definitely makes the house smell awesome!

  7. I never thought to turn dried mushrooms into powder. That’s a great idea!

    Did any of those mushrooms come up missing after that photo was taken? :)

  8. Denise says:

    Mushrooms are one of my all-time favorite foods. When you say you snack on them, are they rehydrated? How do you reconstitute them? Thanks!

    • Hi Denise…you can rehydrate them in any warm liquid. I often cover them in boiling water in a tea cup and wait 5-10 minutes. If the slices are think enough you can actually nibble on them but I know that’s not for everyone (I love the intense mushroom flavor)..


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