Dehydrating beets, onions and celery root

There`s not much I can add to the title other than the photos so let`s start there:

Dehydrating beets, onions and celery root Preserving Recipes Celeriac Beet

Dehydrating beets, onions and celery root Preserving Recipes Celeriac Beet

This all started with 5 pounds of beets, 1 celery root and 7 or 8 pounds of onions.  Thanks to the mandolin, slicing was quick and precise – really did these to kill an hour after work on a Friday night.

It took about an hour of work to do.  The onions were done (for the most part) in about 5 hours while the others finished in about 10 (I needed them to be very dry).  All were done at the same time at 125 degrees (52 celcius).  I cannot emphasize enough how handy the mandolin is here – it speeds things up and, despite very comfortable knife skills, it ensures everything is exactly the same width and finishes in equal time.

This is the second time we`ve done onions.  They will be used in many things – pizza, bread. soup and even salad toppings.  It is amazing that the entire lot fits into a 4-cup jar.  The smell is fragrant and sweet – the taste is super concentrated (they lose their water, not their flavor after all).

The beets and celery were dehydrated till crisp.  I am not done with these yet – you`ll have to tune in tomorrow to see the final results if your curious.


  1. How will you use these? This looks so simple to do. Wonder what you think about cooking at 175 F – our oven doesn’t go any lower than this.

    • moohahaaa….we will start to reveal uses tomorrow (still coming up with uses..laugh)…

      it is indeed easy – we have a killer dehydrator which makes things real simple but you can do some stuff in your oven. Here`s how we used to do our tomatoes (this year I am planning to fill the dehudrator with these multiple times):

      Our oven is horrible but worked well for those :)



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